In order to help with your planning, a number of rooms have been blocked at a discounted price until April 30th in Hotels and B&Bs within Anacapri and the surrounding area. Rooms are available in different types and price categories for conference attendees. During the booking it is necessary to mention the participation in Med-Hoc-Net 18.

 → Hotel Bellavista (***): Rooms: 6, Double room rate: 155€, Double single use rate: 135€
 → Hotel Biancamaria (***): Rooms: 8, Double room rate: 140€, Double single use rate: 120€
 → Hotel Boungainville (***): Rooms: 8, Double room rate: from 179€ to 219€, Double single use rate: from 149€ to 179€
 → Hotel Caesar Augustus (*****): Rooms: 51, Double room/Double single use rate: from 633,60€ to 1980€
 → Hotel Al Mulino (***): Rooms: 7, Double room rate: 155€, Double single use rate: 135€
 → Hotel San Michele (****): Rooms: 10, Double single use rate: 135€

Other hotel accommodations:

 → Hotel Capri Palace (*****)
 → Hotel Carmencita (***)
 → Hotel Casa Caprile (***)
 → Hotel Senaria (***)
 → B&B Da Gelsomina
 → B&B Mediterraneo

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