Panel: “Safety, privacy and cybersecurity”

Guy Pujolle, Mario Gerla, Gérard Le Lann and Christoph Sommer

With connected autonomous vehicles, the primary focus has been on the feasibility and the efficiency of inter-vehicular radio communication protocols. Recent events have led the ITS community to revisit safety issues. An open question is how much safety is gained with existing inter-vehicular communication protocols compared to safety achieved with onboard robotics. Privacy and cybersecurity issues have been addressed for a number of years, leading to solutions based on pseudonym schemes. It turns out that safety and privacy properties appear to be antagonistic. An open question is whether mitigation is unavoidable, or are there solutions that would reconcile safety and privacy. Also, existing solutions against cyberattacks are not entirely satisfactory yet. Due to recent events and new legislations, notably the EU GDPR, these topics have gained increased importance and visibility. Views on these topics will be presented by the panelists, and discussed with the participants.


Invited talk: Future Directions in Autonomic Vehicular Networks

Gérard Le Lann, INRIA, France

Safety, efficiency, cybersecurity and privacy can be achieved jointly by-design in self-organizing networks of communicating vehicles of various SAE automated driving levels. Major limitations of the “current wave” approach (IEEE and ETSI standards) will be analyzed. Principles that underlie the “new wave” approach, examples of solutions and novel results will be presented. We will explain why deciding between these two approaches amounts to making a crucial societal choice regarding our future motorized civilization.

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